RIPPED 30ml   STENABOLIC (SR9009) 20 mg/ml

RIPPED 30ml STENABOLIC (SR9009) 20 mg/ml

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-Marc Van Gundy Elko, Nevada

 "Exercise in a bottle. More like fat detonator in a bottle. I lost 13 lbs off only one bottle but what surprised me the most was I actually put on some lean muscle also."        


SR-9009, stenabolic, works by stimulating the Rev-Erb protein which has an effect on circadian rhythms, fat-storing cells as well as glucose and lipid metabolism. By activating Rev-erb protein it increases cell production through mitochondria giving the muscle increased energy as well as giving the metabolism enhanced speed. Thus increasing the mitochondria in the muscle will result in strength gain as well as drastic energy increase to go along with strides in endurance.  Using SR has been known to show up to 50% increases in complete all around endurance due to increases in mitochondria count.  The biggest component that Stenabolic has is that it boosts metabolic activity and is known to mimic aerobic exercise without having to actually exercise hence being called “exercise in a bottle”.  Research shows SR9009 uses body fat that is stored and uses it as energy for exercise.  Due to the many effects it has it is a lean muscle gainer and can aid in strength gains while also burning fat.


  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Increases Cardiovascular and Muscular Endurance
  • Burns Fat
  • Drastically Increases Energy
  • Works with and without Exercise
  • Non-hormonal
  • Increase in Overall Health



    Typical dose is 1 full dropper per day. For best results, take 1/3 dropper, three times daily.


    1. Endurance and Fat loss: you can stack Stenabolic at 10-30 mg per day with RECOMP: Ostarine (MK677) at 12.5 -50 mg per day for the ultimate Endurance boost.
    1. Strength, Endurance, and Lean Muscle : you can stack Stenabolic at 10-30 mg mg per day with JACKED: Testolone (RAD140) at 10 mg per day and Andarine (S4) at 50 mg per day for complete athletic development.

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